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The 2-Step Cover Letter That’s a Little Brazen

Write your cover letter as if you’ve already done the job!

Okay, so here’s a tip to writing a great cover letter for a specific job. First, write a summary of yourself as if you’ve already done the job. Think of yourself two years in the future putting this job on your resume… What did you accomplish? What new market approaches did you introduce? What processes did you improve driving bottom-line results?

Move your perspective into the future, and look back and imagine yourself as having been successful in this role. Then write up just a few key statements that you think would be resume-worthy. Now, write the cover letter you are going to send. Talk about the skills you will bring to the position and the accomplishments you hope to help bring about with the first summary you wrote as a frame of mind.

Half of accomplishing something is being able to see it, to be able to articulate it. Speak the language of success. Help the hiring manager envision you as the candidate that is going to help the company get the job done.

Most cover letters are either drab of past-focused. Make yours aspirational and future-focused. You might surprise even yourself at the difference it makes!


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