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Is Anyone Reading Your Resume on Monster?

Are the monsters following the dinosaurs into extinction? If there’s a number one frustration out there amongst job seekers today, it’s about how to get noticed. Really talented people are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring or for their email to chime, and it’s not happening.


It’s just not the way business is getting done anymore.

Social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are being used much more by recruiters looking for talent today.  Everyone seems unhappy with sites like Monster.com, though many corporate HR departments are still using them (but not the top-notch headhunters!).

So, should you bother having your resume on Monster.com? Probably, but I wouldn’t rely on it to get you a job.

So, if the answer is social networking… do you have to be a web 2.0 guru and be “tweeting” all the time to get noticed? For most people that just isn’t a comfortable space. And, there’s so much noise about social networking, how are you supposed to know what to do or whom to trust?

Well, it’s not really all that complicated (but it’s not necessarily easy, either).

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