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Companies are buying solutions… what are you selling?

Companies aren’t hiring employees; they’re buying solutions. What are you selling?

10-15 years ago “bottom-line” was a good thing. MBAs from the top business schools across the country carried that as their tagline. Turnaround specialists could get by with little more than catch-phrases as long as they mentioned the “bottom-line” somewhere in their mantra.

Today, the “bottom-line” may be the ruler by which you are hired or fired. Business is a numbers game. The financials were always important, but they weren’t always the only call in the playbook. Unfortunately, a couple of decades of outsourcing, reengineering, rightsizing, off-shoring, and virtualizing have left many previously valued employees in the wake of an employment vortex that they can’t comprehend, much less master.

Unfortunately, you can’t stop the world and just get off. If you want to be in the game, you have to know the playbook.

So, what are two key plays in the playbook? Job search is a numbers game, and you’ve got to think “bottom-line”.

The landscape of job search and recruiting are completely different because of automation and the Internet. The process begins with exposure… can you get your credentials in front of the right hiring manager or recruiter at the right time? This is especially critical in a downsized job market; there is less churn among impact jobs. Supply and demand dictate the economics of the number of candidates vying for a given position.

When you get your 15 seconds of visibility, you better have a message that speaks to the “bottom-line”. What key skills will you bring to the game? What problem will you help solve? What key client can you bring to the table? Why you and not the next guy? This is the type of concise message that had better be in your resume and cover letter if you even want to get on first base.

If you thought job search was hard work before, think again. Now it’s a mission.


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