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The Recession Is Over!

The National Bureau of Economic Research has determined that the recession is over. At least, according to a story today in the LA Times.

Man, feels great, doesn’t it? Supposedly, the turning point came in June of 2009. That’s about when I started to feel better. How about you?

I guess we can start ignoring all the news about 10% unemployment and record levels of people living below the poverty line. The folks publishing those stories must just not be up-to-date, right?

I mean, I only personally know about 100 people who have been out of work over six months. I’m talking about personal relationships – people I address by first name and that are in my email directory and my blackberry phone list. These are people for whom I have their cell phone and home land-line number. Folks with college degrees and years of valuable professional experience. I can’t wait to call them and let them know!

If you know someone that’s been complaining lately about the job market, please call them and let them know it’s over. The recession has been officially ruled dead, done, extinct, over!

So, if you’re still messing with cover letters, resumes, job interviews, networking, and pink slip parties, that’s old news.

Time to move on. Don’t be a downer.

Get a job.


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